2021 Model Railroad Show Events or Delivery Loops:

April or May 2021

Spring 2021' Delivery Loop:  

We have decided to do a delivery loop sometime in April or May of 2021’!  This means a savings of 40% on the regular packaging and shipping of your first display case, and additional savings for multiple display cases!  This is a great opportunity to save money and to order larger display cases that are usually too large to ship using standard shipping methods. 

Some of our largest display cases may cost up to $480 to package and ship to the East Coast.  With the 40% discount, this amount is reduced to around $288 for a single case delivery, and additional savings for multiple cases!  The 2017 website display case prices are still in effect. The 2017 shipping prices are outdated.  Please send me a text/call at 208-691-9211 or send an email to pcwcases@yahoo.com to obtain an exact delivery quote to your zip code.

We need a good four weeks to complete your display case order, prior to our 2021’ delivery loop.

Order a display case, so I have to visit your state.

Best Wishes!