Display Case Construction

Hardwoods:  PCW uses Red Oak as its standard hardwood for display case construction, but other woods are available for custom requests. Black Walnut, Cherry, and Maple are some of the available and common requests.

Above: Top Frame Grain picture: Red Oak stained with a medium walnut stain is used as our standard hardwood for display case construction.

Above:  Black Walnut Shot Glass Display: Black Walnut wood with a natural colored stain and burlap covered paneling back

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Above:  Close-up of Walnut grains & burlap covered paneling backing

Above Two Images:  Thomas Maple Display of Maple wood with a natural colored stain. Maple is used for those looking for a whiter looking wood.

Above:  O Gauge Display of Cherry wood with a natural colored stain-Hardwood with some natural red coloring

Built to Last

Our standard cases are constructed with a solid red oak frame and shelves, a white paneling backing, and sliding tempered glass doors. A medium walnut stain is used to accentuate the oak's natural grain structure. Shelves are permanently secured by nails through rear paneling and sit on opposing end dowels.

Above:  Sliding tempered glass doors, removable for mounting and cleaning

Above:  Shelves are permanently secured with nails through back paneling and sit on opposing end dowels.  Shelves of train display cases are "gauge grooved", this image shows grooves for "N" gauge trains.

Hanging Your Display Case

Move your collections from boxes or dusty shelves and proudly display them on the wall without taking up valuable living space. The display cases can be mounted on the wall by drilling brass colored screws and washers through white paneling backing to the wall studs. Make sure the quality of your collection lasts throughout the years while proudly displaying them.

Custom Made Display Cases

PCW offers several sizes, many of them shippable directly to your address. From case heights of 12 to 38 inches high, case lengths of 22 to 96 inches, and case depths of 2 to 8 inches, there are many options to fit your collection. Refer to one of the “PDF files” for the available frame sizes (height x length). Frame depth, shelf width, and shelf height can be adjusted to fit your custom order request. Frame sizes outside of listed available frame sizes will require a custom glass order.