PCW's O Gauge Train Display Cases are constructed with solid red oak frame and shelves, tempered glass sliding doors, and a white paneling backing. A medium walnut stain is used to accentuate the oak's natural grain structure.

The outer frame for O gauge cases is four inches in depth with three inch wide shelves. The shelf height ranges from about 4.5 inches to 5.5 inches, depending on the size of display case chosen. Shelves are permanently secured by nails through rear paneling and are sat on opposing end dowels.

The display cases are engineered to mount on the wall by drilling through back paneling into wall studs. Brass colored screws and washers and mounting instructions are provided for assistance during the mounting procedure. The tempered glass sliding doors are removable for mounting and cleaning.

O gauge display cases are also useful for displaying other collectibles. The three inch wide shelves, and 4.5 inch to 5.5 inch shelf height provide a great home for salt and pepper shakers, taller shot glasses, and medium to large sized die-cast vehicles. As long as the "O" gauge grooves do not interfere with the stable balance of your collectible, you are ready for displaying your favorite collection.

PCW offers O gauge train display cases in a wide range of sizes. Refer to accompanying images for some of the available sizes and please refer to the “O PDF” file at the bottom of this page for a complete list of available sizes and specifications.

If properly secured to wall studs, PCWs display cases are very sturdy, providing homes to many large brass collections throughout the western United States. PCW strives to provide a product that will become a permanent and admired part of your home. We guarantee the quality of our product.

PCW's display cases are great dust defenders and will make your collection look better than ever before.

Above: Solid Red Oak frame & shelves stained with a medium Walnut stain.

Above:  Tempered glass sliding doors that are removable for mounting & cleaning

Above:  Shelves are "O" grooved!

Above:  Use your display case for not only O gauge trains, but for diecast, salt & pepper shakers, & other collectibles.

Above:  O Gauge 24 x 74 inch Train Display Case: 24 inch high by 74 inch long by 4 inch depth; 4 shelves, 72.5 inch length, 5.25 inch height; Capacity of 28 ten inch collectibles

Above:  O Gauge 29 x 56 inch Train Display Case: 29 inch high by 56 inch long by 4 inch depth; 5 shelves, 54.5 inch length, 5 inch height; Capacity of 25 ten inch collectibles

Above: O Gauge 21 x 56 inch Train Display Case: 21 inches high by 56 inches long by 4 inch depth; four shelves, 54.5 inch length, 4.5 inch height; Capacity of 20 ten inch cars

Above:  O Gauge 16 x 53 inch Train Display Case: 16 inch high by 53 inch long by 4 inch depth; 3 sheets of sliding tempered glass; 3 shelves, 51.5 inch length, 4.5 inch height; Capacity of 15 ten inch collectibles

"O"  Gauge Train Display Cases